The next deadline for applications is Friday, May 3rd, 2024

(Letters of Inquiry are due 4 weeks before the application deadline on April 5th, 2024)

The Weeden Foundation uses an online application system for our grantmaking process. Please click to start the application or log on to your existing account. You will need to create an account to apply.

New applicants – The Foundation requires that new applicants complete a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) which is due 4 weeks before the application deadline. Please complete the “New Applicants” form to submit your LOI. You will receive a confirmation email when your form is complete. We will review your application and get back to you with a reply. If the work proposed is of interest and/or fits into one of our program areas, we will invite a full proposal.

Returning grantees – Please complete the “Returning Grantees” application. Your proposal must describe both the purpose for which the grant is solicited and a brief evaluation process in a clear and precise manner. Shorter descriptions are preferred to longer descriptions, and a brief Executive Summary of the proposal must be included. The Executive Summary is an especially important part of the proposal, as it is the best vehicle for an organization to present the nature and intent of their project directly to the Board of Directors. The summary should be concise and should include mention of both recent and future projects. In addition to the narrative, you will need the following materials to complete your application.

  • financial statements (preferably audited)
  • list of Board of Directors and their affiliations
  • IRS tax exemption 501(c)(3) certification letter or an equivalency document for non-U.S. based organizations (obtained in-country)
  • project budget
  • organizational budget
  • other sources and amounts of institutional support (past, present, and anticipated future); and
  • qualifications of key personnel

The Board of Directors meets the last Saturday in February, June, and October. For proposals to be considered at a meeting, they must be submitted online before the deadline. Proposal deadlines are eight weeks prior to each meeting, and are posted on this website at least two months in advance.