Northern Rockies

The Northern Rockies boasts one of the most intact ecosystems in the world, and the Weeden Foundation has committed to support the protection and maintenance of this ecosystem, with a primary focus on the region from Yellowstone National Park to the Canadian border.  Topics of particular interest include wilderness protection, corridor development, preservation of open space through conservation easements, retirement of public grazing rights, promotion of rewilding of carnivores, and reduction of human impact in biologically sensitive areas.  Establishment of wildlife corridors through the High Divide region of southwest Montana is our current highest priority, but our interests include potentially high value conservation opportunities throughout the state and neighboring regions.

How Do Animals Safely Cross a Highway? Take a Look.

There are few things Americans can agree on these days. Wildlife crossings, it seems, are one of them.

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Descendants of P&G’s founders are publicly criticizing the company’s role in forest destruction

P&G descendants are taking issue with the company’s Charmin toilet paper products, which rely on fiber sourced from Canada’s carbon-dense boreal forest. 

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